When it comes to the business of buying and selling residential properties, no one does it better than Nolan Banasco. Real estate has always been one of Nolan’s driving passions in life. As a results-oriented, highly motivated and energetic individual, Nolan strives to ensure the needs of his clients are constantly met by providing a revolutionary service.

With the skills obtained through completing four years at Wilfrid Laurier University, as well as many jobs working in the financial industry, Nolan is able to utilize his knowledge to critically analyze real estate trends in order to effectively market and sell properties within the GTA. His in-depth understanding of the real estate market and premium resources has proven vital in helping both his buyer and seller clients arrive at accurate price points for properties in any market condition. Furthermore, Nolan’s ability to negotiate on behalf of his clients ensures the best and right price is achieved.

Nolan Banasco takes pride in providing superior service to his clientele in the process of buying and selling homes. Nolan understands the complexity of the real estate process and genuinely encourages his clientele to constantly ask questions in regards to any uncertainties. His caring yet efficient business style will turn you into a client for life